Our fantastic LayBuy scheme allows you to confirm your booking now and spread the payments over the weeks leading up to your booking with as much or as little as you like each week.


How do i sign up for LayBuy?

Complete our online booking form and select 'LayBuy' under the payment method and confirm your booking by clicking 'Book Now'.


When will i have to make payments?

When your booking is confirmed you will recieve a confirmation email which will contain the details for the booking and the payment. We have no minimum or maximum payment and they dont need to be regular. All we ask is that the total cost of your booking is paid up to date at least 7 days before your booking starts.


Can anyone use LayBuy?

Anyone who lives in New Zealand and are at least 18 years old.


Can i add to more items to my LayBuy over time?

Of course you can, we have no maximum or minimum spend for LayBuy, however if your LayBuy is for a hire of    $1,200 or more we will contact you for approval.


What can i use LayBuy on?

LayBuy can be used for any item or purchase listed on our website


What does LayBuy cost me?

LayBuy will cost you nothing, you will only pay for the items you hire.