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9 Reasons to book with Kapiti Castles

Why choose Kapiti Castles?

We are one of the largest fun event equipment hire and event companies in the region and are recognised as the experts. This is not only because of our equipment range, but because of how we operate and the things we do for our customers.

If you are looking for the following then we are the company for you:

A comapny that you can trust and depend on

A company that takes the stress arway and replaces it with fun

A company with a wide range of equipment

A company who understands your event, requirements and budget

What we can do for you:

Access to a huge range of good quality equipment

Talk directly to the people who own and understand the equipment

You can relax knowing that you will recieve great, clean and safe equipment

You will be guided through the event process with hits, tips and options

What we will not do:

Kapiti Castles will NOT let you down

Kapiti Castles will NO say we can do things that we cant do

Kapiti Castles will NOT send untrained staff to your events


If you are still unsure, we have created some infographics to help you see why we are the the one for you - Just click on the title that sounds good to you and it will show you some more great thingks about Kapiti Castles