We are super excited to be able to offer our Inflatable Day's to schools, organisations and groups for smart fundraising

  • These are a great way of raising funds with no cost to you
  • Free equipment hire
  • Unlimited entertainment*


Our Inflatable Days, as we like to call them, are great fun for children and their families all while raising funds from our new exclusive fundraising system. Our Bookings & Event's Team are experts at these events; they will be able to work with you on every aspect of this event and provide the perfect package for you.


We attend your venue with our best equipment, and host an Inflatable Day for a duration of 2, 4 or 6 hours.

We supply 3 staff members, including an event manager, who will host the event, set up all of the equipment, provide safety supervision and ensure that everyone is having fun - you will need to provide a minimum of 2 - 4 people to assist with the event on the day, depending on how much entertainment and equipment is required.

Our fundraising model is useful for everyone. We provide you with colorful wristbands (these wristbands give access to the inflatable fun day) which you sell for $12 each to children within your school, group and local community. We also provide you with all of the marketing andf promotonal tools required to inform people about your event and boost ticket sales. Please note that we require a minim of 100 tickets sold to host the event.


Your school, organisation or group will receive 40% of all funds raised and 60% is held with Kapiti Castles towards the administration, management and promotion of the event. For example, if 100 wristbands are sold at $12 each, your school, organisation or group would receive $480..

There many ways that more funds can be generated from these events, which our event manager can talk through with you. These events are hugely popular because there is no real cost to you and everyone that attends has fun.


Our, no cost to you, interactive and super fun event, Sponsored Bounce, is an excellent fundraising activity. The children enjoy this activity; it is usually a noisy but enjoyable day! Each child will have the chance to bounce and raise as much money as possible for your school, organisation or group.


Each children at your school, organisation, or group will be given a sponsorship form where the friends, family and neighbours can sponsor them a set amount ($1, $5, $10, $15, etc.) to jump for a certain amount of time depending on their ability (5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc.).


Kapiti Castles will provide the Bouncy Castles to suit depending on the number of participants, and some other fun activities to entertain the spectators. We will also provide an event manager and two additional staff members to monitor safety and ensure that everyone is having fun. You will need to provide people to assist with timing and registration on the day.


Each child will receive a certificate upon completion of their bouncing to thank them for their efforts and recognition and some great goodies provided by Kapiti Castles.


Our fundraising model is useful for everyone. Your school, organisation or group will receive 60% of all funds raised and 40% is held with Kapiti Castles towards the administration, management and promotion of the event. 


We recieve alot of requests for discounted or free hire of our bouncy castles for fundraising events, but unfortunatly we cant cater to all of these requests - we have developed a fundraising discount for our Red or Brown Bouncy Castle on a Self Service hire where you set up, pack down and return yourself.


The usual cost for this is $145, but our fundriaisng cost is $95 and we also provide you with a free giant game.


We can provide you with a range of $20 & $50 vouchers as spot prizes or for raffles to give away to your fundraising event attendees


There are numerous ways that you can generate funds for your charity or organisations using our products, and we have collated some of the best options below for you to utilise and add to your event.


  • Bouncy Castles: Hire one of our Bouncy Castles and charge for your event attendees to use it. We recommend charging $3 per go or $5 for an all-day pass (Makeover $90 per hour)
  • Target Shootout: Hire our Target Shootout and charge $2 for 4 Bullets, with a spot prize for each person who can knock all of the targets down (Makeover $50 per hour_
  • Football Shootout: Hire the Football Shootout and charge $3 for 3 Balls, with a spot prize for each person who can score with each ball (Makeover  $70 per hour)
  • Basketball Shootout: Hire the Basketball Shootout and charge $3 for 3 Balls, with a spot prize for each person who can score with each ball. (Makeover $70 per hour)
  • Axe Throwing: Hire the Axe Throwing and charge $3 for 3 Axes, with a spot prize for each person who can land each axe. (Makeover $70 per hour)
  • Jousting Arena: Hire our Jousting Arena and charge $3 per person for three rounds, with a spot prize for the winner. (Makeover $50 per hour)
  • Sumo Arena: Hire our Sumo Arena and charge $2 per person for two rounds, with a spot prize for the winner. (Makeover $50 per hour
  • Nerf Wars: Hire our Nerf Wars and charge $2 per person (Makeover $100 per hour)


Just by using all these options above at your next event, it would cost you less than $1300 to hire for the day, but you could make over $2500 – Making this a perfect return on your investment, and extremely fun event and a lot of happy guests.


Kapiti Castles are proud to be able to give back to our community through our effective fundraising options that not only raise fantastic funds for your school, organisation or group - but everyone can have fun at the same time! We support many local, regional and national charities and fundraisers each year through our fundraising events, vouchers and ideas. We would love to support every request that we receive, unfortunately due to the high volume that we receive, combined with our high operating costs we have to carefully select those we work with - so please do not be disappointed we are not able to find a solution for you.


As much as we enjoy talking to you all on the phone, due to the volume of requests that we receive we ask that you request any fundraising support by using the form below – But of course, if you have any questions about our fundraising options then contact us and our friendly team can guide you through. We are looking forward to becoming your next fundraising partner.


We love to support our locals, so if you are trying to raise funds then we have lots of ways we can help!


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