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Our easy to use online booking system lets you book whenever and wherever you want 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year


Our fantastic LayBy scheme allows you to confirm your booking now and spread the payments


Our fantastic LayBy options allow you to confirm your booking and spread the payments over as many weeks as you want.


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LayBy Payments

Our fantastic LayBy payment option allows you to confirm your booking now and spread the payments over the weeks leading up to your booking with as much or as little as you like each week.


How do pay with LayBy?

It is super easy, just head over to our online booking form complete all of the information, choose ‘LayBy’ as your payment method and click 'Book Now' and your all set - Our accounts team will do the rest and be in contact with you.


When will I have to make payments?

Once we have recieved your booking, we will confirm it for you and then pass your information over to our accounts team who will be in contact with you to sign you up for our LayBy payment option - but best of all, there are no minimum or maximum payments, and they don’t need to be regular. You can arrange the payments to suit your needs. All that we ask is that the total cost of your booking is paid up to date at least seven days before your booking starts.


Can anyone use LayBy?

Of course, LayBy is a fantastic scheme for everyone who lives in New Zealand and is at least 18 years old


Can I add more items to my LayBy over time?

We have made it as easy as possible for you to adjust your booking so there is no minimum or maximum spend to use our LayBy payment option. Each time you add or remove items from your booking, you will receive an update quote and confirmation outlining the new details and price.


What can I use LayBy on?

We accept our LayBy payment option for everything on our website from our Giant Games to our Obstacle Courses, You choose.


What does LayBy cost me?

There are no additional costs to paying with our LayBy payment option, as long as your booking is paid in full by the time we deliver, there are no additional charges.


If you still have questions, then our accounts team are happy to answer them - just get in touch with us and we can provide any assistance you may need for your upcoming booking.