Cash on Delivery

Payment for your booking can be made in cash (notes and coins) to the delivery team on arrival.

Eftpos/Debit/Card Card on delivery

Our delivery team have portable eftpos machines available in their vehicles which will allow you to pay for your booking using your eftpos, debit or credit card upon their arrival. We do not have a surcharge for credit card or paywave payments.


Our fantastic LayBy payment option allows you to confirm your booking now and spread the payments over the weeks leading up to your booking with as much or as little as you like each week.


  • It is super easy, just head over to our online booking form complete all of the information, choose ‘LayBy’ as your payment method and click 'Book Now' and your all set - Our accounts team will do the rest and be in contact with you.
  • Once we have recieved your booking, we will confirm it for you and then pass your information over to our accounts team who will be in contact with you to sign you up for our LayBy payment option - but best of all, there are no minimum or maximum payments, and they don’t need to be regular. You can arrange the payments to suit your needs. All that we ask is that the total cost of your booking is paid up to date at least seven days before your booking starts.
  • We have made it as easy as possible for you to adjust your booking so there is no minimum or maximum spend to use our LayBy payment option. Each time you add or remove items from your booking, you will receive an update quote and confirmation outlining the new details and price.
  • We accept our LayBy payment option for everything on our website from our Giant Games to our Obstacle Courses, You choose.
  • There are no additional costs to paying with our LayBy payment option, as long as your booking is paid in full by the time we deliver, there are no additional charges.


If you require an invoice for your booking, please contact our accounts team at or (022) 099 0843 to arrange this no less than 14 days before the start date of your event

Over the Phone

Our accounts team are available to process your payment over the phone through our secure server using your debit or credit card. Please call our accounts team on (022) 099 0843 with your Booking ID to do this.


Payment for your booking can be made using our secure online portal with your credit or debit card and must be completed no less than three working days before your event starts. To arrange this, please email our accounts team at or call (022) 099 0843 to request this option.

Bank Transfer

Payment via a bank transfer is accepted. To arrange this, please email our accounts team at or call (022) 099 0843 to request this option. Please put your Booking ID as the reference for your payment so we can assign the payment to your booking.


Confirm your booking today with our easy online booking option. Whenever and wherever you want, 24 Hour a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a year!

Please be aware that all payment may be non-refundable as per our policy stated in our Terms and Conditions. If you require a refund, please contact our accounts team at your earliest conveniance to request this and they will process this in the system and if it is approved they may organise a voucher to the value of your booking (minus an administration fee) or at their discretion arrange a transfer of the funds back to you.


If payments are not received by any of the above methods before the start of the event, we reserve the right to either cancel your booking which is classed as a refusal of delivery under our terms and conditions, or complete your event and charge an additional 15% to cover administration costs associated with late payments. We do not offer credit under any circumstances and all bookings are to be paid for before the delivery team arrives or on delivery.


If you are unsure about which payment method will work for you, struggling to organise the funds or would like to arrange payment in another way not mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to contact our accounts team at or (022) 099 0843 and we will be happy to create a solution as we are flexible and we will work with you to make your event stress free.


Cyber Crime Policy

Our Bank Account Details are available on request to Our bank details have not changed since Kapiti Castles started and if you receive an email stating a change in bank details or an invoice or payment request that you did not ask for, please contact us immediately for further advice on (022) 099 0843. Our company will not be held liable if you transfer money to an incorrect account.


Book Now & Pay Later, with our easy LayBy option. Confirm your booking today, spread the payments over the weeks ahead. No minimum payments.


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Payment Options

We offer a variety of payment options to suit everyone, which you can read more about below. If you don’t see a payment option that works for you, just let us know and we will work together to find the best solution for you.

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