Kapiti Castles and Sustainability

We are PROUD to be one of the first carbon reduction event and party hire companies within New Zealand. We have many ways to support the planet and our community, which you can read about below.


We have planted



Native Trees

Why are we in business?

Our goal is to bring FUN to every event! We enjoy making people smile in every interaction they have with Kapiti Castles, and because of this, we strive to do business that sets an example for the rest of the inflatable and event industry in New Zealand. We will transform from part of the problem to part of the solution one step at a time. We will be innovative in providing solutions that enable our customers, communities, and employees to join us on our journey to a positive and FUN environment.

Use less, Waste less

We have economised our business recourses to reduce our environmental footprint, make purchasing decisions that support the world with sustainable parameters and enable our customers to reduce their environmental impact through our leadership and partnerships.

  • We operate almost paperless through online booking forms and email and telephone communications.
  • Our team plan our deliveries logistically by reducing the number of kilometres travelled and searching for environmentally friendly routes when travelling to events.
  • Everything we purchase is considered with its length of use, and by ensuring it is maintained to the highest of standards, we can be sure that we reduce landfill requirements. The repurposing of equipment for further uses is also part of our business.
  • We have partnered with a local native forest provider, increasing our customer's benefit of offsetting carbon activities from their events. This partnership allows us to plant native New Zealand trees in our region, helping to create new spaces for wildlife.

We have offset




tonnes of carbon


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